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INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER CANCELLATION FORM You MUST complete this form date name address rep id start date signature and fax it to 704 260-3652. It MUST be faxed within 10 business days from your start date to receive a refund of 499. Today s Date To Whom It May Concern My name is. My address is. My IBO is. My start date was. At this time ACN is not a fit for me. I would like a full refund placed back to my credit card. INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER CANCELLATION FORM You MUST complete this...
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Well hello there my name is Jennifer Scott and if you're tuning in today it's because you want to learn more about ACN someone has approached you about joining the business opportunity and you want to know if it's right for you or you've already joined the ACN business opportunity and you're trying to figure out how to make your work for you will have great news I can give you a little bit of information I can help make a more informed decision about either entering the business or if you should stay in the business especially if you've been in for less than 10 days I have great news for you so stay tuned to the end ok so with any legitimate business opportunity the thing that keeps your machine or your business running is always going to be customers customers customers customers without customers you do not have a business ok so one of the and probably the only main really red flag that I had with ACN was their need to really focus on business partners and not focus on customer acquisition so they have you do all these PBRs and we invite people out they had you write down a list of everyone that you know from your grandmother to the dog-walker and from there you were on the phone making all these calls and you're calling to see people who come to PBR to learn more about the business opportunity to get them to sign up the purpose for this at least via ACN is that you need to bring in some of that extra bonus money that you get from bringing in business partners until your residual income is to build up and this is true I don't think there's anything wrong with that ok but I found that that really wasn't working for me trying to get business partners now that does work for some people you'll find if you get into direct marketing or network marketing 97% of people do fail but there are a majority of or if a small minority of people that have had great success in the business and I have no doubt that with the right attitude and the right tools you can be one of them but I want to give more information about ACN so you can know if you're gonna be in that 3% or 97% so back to the business the business basics I won't go into a lot of it but I did say that one of the business basics that you have to have is customer acquisition ok now let's hear what ACN has to say about customer acquisition we know that you have this wall market you have this list that you need but what happens when you run out of the list what happens if no one signs up from the list or you have one or two people that sign up and that's really not enough to help you build your business well of course the next step is any logical person would be to go outside of your warm market well according to ACN's policy procedures you can do that I read it exactly from their policy and procedures it says ACN is a network marketing company that is focused solely on relationship or warm marketing techniques ACN strictly prohibits IBO from engaging in any cold marketing techniques for purposes of...